About Me

Why, hello there! I’ll give you the short version first…

My name is Kimberly Teruya. I’m a graphic designer, photographer, and professional multi-tasker.

Unfortunately, I’ve got no cool superhero name…yet.

I’m currently based out of Los Angeles working at the beach with California State Parks, and am available for freelance work so feel free to drop me a line.

So you want the whole story…

I graduated from the University of Southern California in 2010 and promptly packed up to travel the country. I worked in Texas with Southwest Airlines, Washington with the US Forest Service, across the country with the Student Conservation Association (living and working on an RV has its perks), and last but not least, Mississippi and New York with FEMA Corps. When I got back to Los Angeles, I worked to help shelter animals with spcaLA mainly performing work in development and fundraising. After that, I returned to my design roots by working with the interpretation division at the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority, which manages over 80,000 acres of parkland and open space. I eventually moved on work as a graphic designer for Housing & Hospitality Services at UCLA, creating marketing materials for conferences, restaurants and dining facilities, and more.

Currently, I’m working with California State Parks in marketing and community engagement out of San Buenaventura State Beach. It’s hard to complain when the ocean is just a a 5 minute walk away! 

My main interest is in graphic design and the non-profit sector, specifically environmental organizations or government agencies. I love being able to combine my communication and design skills with my passion for the outdoors, traveling, and helping others.

In my free time, I love to hike and do enough yoga to finally touch my toes.

Download resume here.

Education (University of Southern California):
B.A. Fine Arts (Studio Arts) with an emphasis in Graphic Design
B.A. Communications

Computer Programs (Mac and PC):
Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop
FileMaker Pro
Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
Constant Contact