Tour 40 RV Wrap

Southwest Airlines Tour 40 RV Wrap


Tour 40
RV Wrap

Southwest Airlines and the Student Conservation Association partnered to celebrate Southwest Airlines’ 40th Anniversary with 40 conservation projects in 25 cities across the country. To increase awareness of their project and to provide transport and accommodations for the project’s ground team, they decided to utilize an RV.

Southwest Airlines had the main input on the RV design and wanted something that would stand out on the road while also reflecting their brand. I decided to merge their distinctive “red-bellied” plane design with graphics depicting animals and plants to reflect the special partnership behind this tour. This design was chosen out of 5 designs by other Southwest Airlines Creative Services and Graphic Design staff members.

I earned the chance to not only design the RV wrap, but was subsequently selected to join the team that led the conservation projects. The team of 7 lived, worked from, and drove the RV from project to project.

Client: Southwest Airlines and Student Conservation Association
The Student Conservation Association is an environmental non-profit organization that provides unique opportunities to intern with conservation agencies across the country and promotes environmental stewardship among youth.