Pacoima Wash Natural Park: Green Technology/Park Map Board

Pacoima Wash Natural Park Boards

Pacoima Wash Natural Park
PVC Boards

What once was a dumping ground and an illegal stable for horses, has become a beautiful park in the city of San Fernando. For the opening of Pacoima Wash Natural Park, I created original artwork for a map and water quality diagram for display boards.  The park was built from the literal ground up with these features in mind and the media needed to reflect what might otherwise go unnoticed. The boards helped emphasize the largely unseen and/or underground features that the park utilizes to filter trash out of runoff before it goes into the Los Angeles River.For the park map, I mimicked the style of architectural drawings and renderings.

Client: Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (MRCA)
The MRCA is a local joint powers park agency that owns and operates over 70,000 acres of open space in the Los Angeles area. Recently, a large part of their focus has been on equal access to parks, from transportation issues to awareness. Urban parks located in heavily populated areas of Los Angeles has become a large focus for the agency as a way to help increase public health, safety, mental well-being, and equal access for  communities who may be otherwise lacking green spaces.