Zev Yaroslavsky Coastal Slope Trail: Map Closeup

Zev Yaroslavsky Coastal Slope Trail Brochure and Trail Marker

Zev Yaroslavsky Coastal Slope Trail
Double Gate Fold Brochure and Trail Marker

What a view! I designed this brochure and trail marker for the ceremony to dedicate the Cameron Nature Preserve where the Zev Yaroslavsky Coastal Slope Trail runs through. The centerpiece of the project was a map that highlighted the areas of open space that Zev Yaroslavsky, former member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, helped to preserve while in office. Editing the map gave me a chance to work with a GIS specialist to utilize ArcMap files to create accurate to scale graphics for the map.

Client: Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (MRCA)
The MRCA is a local joint powers park agency that owns and operates over 70,000 acres of open space in the Los Angeles area. A large part of the agency’s mission is to preserve local open space, recreational areas, and wildlife habitat.