Marsh Park Bioswales Wayside Panel

Marsh Park Wayside Panels

Marsh Park
Interpretive Wayside Panels

Marsh Park is a gateway pocket park built along the Los Angeles River with features that are both attractive as well as functional. Drought tolerant trees, shrubs, and grasses were planted to help conserve water. Natural bioswales crisscross the park and act as a filter for the Los Angeles River for the stormwater runoff that can carry trash and pollutants.

All these water quality features can be easily overlooked by the average park visitor and so it was decided that wayside panels would help bring to light these unique aspects of the park. This project gave me a chance to work on the interpretive writing side as well as the design end to help highlight the water quality measures built into the park. I designed the entire panel, from writing the text to creating the diagrams. There was also the added challenge of working with a translator to accurately and succinctly interpret ideas into Spanish while maintaining design quality.

Client: Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (MRCA)
The MRCA is a local joint powers park agency that owns and operates over 70,000 acres of open space in the Los Angeles area. Two areas of focus for the agency has been on equal access to parks, from transportation issues to awareness, as well as improving water quality. One way to create an inclusive park environment has been to provide bilingual media (websites, flyers, social media, signs, and waysides) about parks to better serve the large portion of Angelenos that speak languages other than English.