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I have been freelancing with Bay Nature for over 5 years, mainly working on designing various ads for clients who may not be able to provide their own or need one tweaked. Deadlines are short, two weeks or less, and little direction is usually given except for the client’s webpage, logos, and some photographs. This gives me the opportunity to either build upon their established brand or use my best judgement to produce a new, eye catching ad. I create vector illustrations, write copy, edit photographs, and pitch messaging ideas. All communication with Bay Nature is via email and has been running smoothly for years.

Client: Bay Nature
Bay Nature is a magazine based out of Berkeley, California that strives to increase the connection of people to the land in the San Francisco Bay area. The magazine was launched in January 2001 and has a readership of about 30,000 and is available by subscription and through newsstands, bookstores, and nature centers.