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Dia de los Muertos
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Also known as “Day of the Dead”, this project was born of a partnership between the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority and Mujeres de la Tierra to advertise a holiday to celebrate those who have passed. Careful to represent the right mood of such an event, the color palette drew upon traditional, bright colors which each in turn symbolized pain, renewal, the sun, and other aspects of the holiday. This project aimed to provide culturally relevant bilingual programming to an area of Los Angeles that has a large Latino community.

Clients: Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (MRCA) and Mujeres de la Tierra
The MRCA is a local joint powers park agency that owns and operates over 70,000 acres of open space in the Los Angeles area. Two areas of focus for the agency has been on equal access to parks, from transportation issues to awareness, as well as improving water quality. One way to create an inclusive park environment has been to provide bilingual media (websites, flyers, social media, signs, and waysides) about parks to better serve the large portion of Angelenos that speak languages other than English.

Mujeres de la Tierra is a local group that has partnered with the MRCA for many events to help provide events, a platform, and support for wome to take ownership of their neighborhoods and to inspire change.