Once Upon a Canyon Night: Poster

TreePeople Once Upon a Canyon Night Poster


TreePeople Poster
2010 “Once Upon a Canyon Night” Poster Printed for TreePeople

Once Upon a Canyon Night
Event Poster

The word was “whimsical”. This is how TreePeople described what they envisioned for their poster advertising their summer entertainment series. I wanted to convey the magical feeling of sitting outside on a warm summer night. What better way to do that than letting the actual landscape speak for itself through pictures taken of the amphitheater area to use in the design. To add playfulness and a twist, I used Photoshop to create a collage effect of those pictures.

Client: TreePeople
TreePeople is a local Los Angeles non-profit that used the power of trees to transform the city and the people who live there. They see the urban forest as being vital to the city’s wellbeing and host informative workshops and lead tree plantings.